Hello! I’m Stefanie Grace (yes, original name for the site, I know!) and I am a social media consultant (see my company ALL THINGS SOCIAL). Originally from the north of England (you may not notice it in my accent), I now live in London Guernsey! with my boyfriend, Rob, a South African who often begrudgingly makes guest appearances on the blog.

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I started this blog in 2008 as a means to express my creativity and to hone my editorial voice. At the time I was living and studying in Spain and starting to think about what I wanted to do after graduation. The consistent comments such as ‘too much personal voice!’ on my educational essays, led me to think that I should put that voice to some good use and so my career as a blogger and writer began. Since then I have travelled the world, including a stint living in Costa Rica, before finally settling down for a few years in London. I moved to Guernsey in October 2015 but still travel frequently to London for client meetings, events and cocktails.

The blog covers a variety of lifestyle topics, but mainly my three passions: Food, Fitness and Travel

Food: I love finding new restaurants wherever I am and taking photos of almost everything I eat, so you’ll find a review or two here. I also really enjoy cooking. I’m a bit of an amateur, but I’m learning! I like to eat pretty healthily at home, but every now and then you’ll find a good British pie or cake on the homepage!

Fitness: Since university and starting my blog, I have lost about 4 stone (just under 50lbs). Having got rid of the unhealthy student lifestyle, I have spent most of my 20s focused on being happy and healthy. I’m always up for trying new things; be it a workout dvd or a fun event or class. I recently developed an interest in running and completed my first half marathon in September 2014 (and a second one in May 2015!). I also love to do yoga, go hiking whenever I travel and the occasional HIIT workout can also tempt me!

Travel: I love to travel! Exploring new corners of the world is so appealing to me. I’ve loved every second of my time in Africa, Asia, Europe and America and still have Australia on my bucket list. You’ll find restaurant and attraction reviews, ideas for places to visit whilst on a city break and a lot of cool ideas for things to do in London & Guernsey.

Want to know more? Get in touch with me at stefaniegraceblog@gmail.com. I love hearing from you!


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