We’re Engaged!

Hi all! I just got back from Chile and I have some very exciting news! If You haven’t already seen across Instagram & Facebook, I am engaged! I actually can’t believe it. It happened a couple of weeks ago, but I still haven’t really written the words.

Chile, although an absolute trip of a lifetime, was a relatively last minute trip (he booked it in October on a flight deal) and to be totally honest, I was feeling rather stressed in the lead up to it. Running social media pages for retail & hotel companies can be pretty full on in the lead-up to Christmas. I had also been planning on doing vlogmas again and this kind of stopped all of that, but once I got a plan in place and knocked a few expectations off my own list, I embraced it. We had to train for a 4day hike and pack for other activities, but I’ll cover more of that in my posts in the new year. For now, let’s get to the proposal….!

The Proposal

On the third day of our hike having survived a very wet and windy night under a tree in our tent, we set out to find a really stunning lake very close to our campsite – we hadn’t explored the night before. It was the most stunning blue I had ever seen in nature, contrasted with the white of the snow on the mountains above, I couldn’t stop staring. Which in fact was irritating Rob because it meant I was taking my sweet time to get up the mountain of rocks that we were climbing. He told me we didn’t have all day.

When we got to the top, he said, that we needed to take a photo, so I dropped my backpack, got out my phone and took a couple of shots and then he said “wait, come here” and I thought he wanted to take a selfie so I turned and as I turned around he lowered himself to one knee in the mountain and took my hand. I was too shocked to really realise what was happening and then he very shyly said “Will you marry me?” and I’m not sure what I said. I think I said yes. I may have simply nodded. I don’t remember saying anything else. I may have said “what?! oh my god“. I’m not very sure!

He was holding my hand and then started to tie a piece of string around it that he’d taken off a hiking jacket or backpack (he couldn’t decide on a ring in the lead up – or indeed the piece of string to give me as he had 4 different colour options with him!). We took a few selfies and then just carried on with our travels. We had no signal and no way of speaking to anyone so we just had to continue our journey that day. Which was kind of lovely actually. Our own little secret for a couple of days.

The Ring

When we got back to the city, my ring had already come untied fallen off a few times, so we decided to get a temporary one until I could decide what I wanted. We decided on lapis lazuli – a local blue (like the lake!) stone mined in the Andes. We looked up a few local artisan shops and tried on a variety of designs. I opted for this one as it felt the most “me”. Now I’m in the process of just enjoying the moment and starting to think about rings, but one thing’s for sure – I should probably stop getting use to the size of this one!

What now? I will document the wedding planning in some way – most likely in a monthly blog post & everything else can be found on Instagram & Pinterest. Hoping to be more bridechilla than bridezilla but only time will tell.