#IslandLife: What I got up to in April

Sunset at Cobo, Guernsey #nofilter

I’m due a quick update for you all – particularly when it comes to life in Guernsey. I’m still loving living here, although sometimes, it can get a little frustrating to get off the island – everywhere is often 2 flights. Sometimes I wish I could just hop on a train and go and see friends or have a face-to-face business meeting or a good shopping session, but those moments are few and far between. Summer has been peeking through the clouds over the past couple of weeks and Guernsey in the summer is just THE BEST, so we are just now coming into the best part of the year, where we can wake up early, head for a walk along the sea, have lunches in the sunshine and then hit the beach as soon as the work is done for a sunset totally worthy of an Instagram post (#nofilter).

Live – Fitness, Wellness & Lifestyle

I’ve had a great month workout-wise. Ever since mid-March, I’ve been heading to Crossfit 5-6times a week and a recently started to add in more running, hiking and yoga for a more rounded workout schedule. I have little back niggle so I’m laying off the heavy weights for now, which is probably a good thing because I miss yoga for my mind, as well as my hamstrings!

I’ve also become totally and utterly OBSESSED with my skin and looking after it. There are a few things that I have been doing since I turned 30, but I’ve really ramped it up in the past few months. I’m still ironing out my ideal skincare routine (as my hormones are only now calming down after coming off the Pill last year), but I’ll share more soon.

I’ve been trying to read more, as the Guernsey Literary Festival is coming up. I started with ‘The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society’, as with the launch of the movie, I was lucky enough to work on the social media for a few of the events. (See the video below.)

Eat – What I’ve Been Eating

When I get busy, my sugar craving can get out of control. I have also found that with working out a lot, I am hungry a lot, so I started looking around for a good meal plan to follow that would take the element of last minute choice out of my hands. So I’ve recently got into RP (Renaissance Periodization). I’ve attempted to explain it in the video below but it’s steep learning curve, so I’ll write more about it when I understand it better. It is essentially eating calculated macros (protein-fat-carbs) based on your body and what time of day you work out. Having started the plan, I can say that I was probably not eating anywhere near enough in the past and when I did have a high calorie day, it was probably sweet treats. This has levelled me out and my sweet cravings are pretty much covered by chocolate protein shakes and peanut butter. I’m in heaven.

I haven’t done much eating out recently. Rob’s birthday was in early April, so we did venture out to a couple of our fave places – Octopus & Red (you can read more about them in 5 Places to Eat in Guernsey post). We opted for steak at both places because I’ve been trying to up my iron levels in order to combat time-of-the-month fatigue and it’s been working really well for me.

Travel – Where I’ve Been and What I’m Booking

I haven’t left the island for a good few weeks. In fact, the last time I ventured to the airport was just to drop Rob as he has been to London a couple of times. The next few months, we have quite a few fun adventures lined up, starting with Helsinki & Thailand in just a couple of weeks’ time. I am pretty excited about both. Then I have quite a few short trips planned for the rest of summer, just to keep me busy! I also have a load of travel content coming up for you guys on my trip to Canada last year, plus my month in South Africa. It’s all in note form at the moment and I have some photos to trawl through, but I’m expecting to have them all good to go asap!

In the meantime, I put together a couple of random travel vlogs over on my Youtube channel:

Write – Some General Thoughts & Feelings, plus Blog Updates

I’ve been super busy with work, and whenever that happens, I tend to stop creating my own personal content, but in actual fact, I’ve been doing pretty well on the video side. I joined in with SSSVEDA and have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know a new community and learning how to create videos quickly and easily. I have also been working on a redesign and piles of batched content All Things Social, as well as for clients, so I feel like I have been writing all month anyway. But recently, I’ve dug back into reading blogs, which always triggers my need to write more, so this past weekend I have been working on a load of content for May in order to give me a little bit of lead time to get back on track. Three posts a week can be a full time job – when I add in a video, a business and client work (all of which also tend to be content, blogs & social media updates), then my load becomes pretty heavy! However, I find that the more I do, the more time I manage to find to fit more in. I must be becoming more efficient – and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Business – How I’m Balancing My Life and My Business

So yes, as I just mentioned – we have a new design and content plan over at All Things Social. It is stage one of what is to come (which is a lot!). I’ve got a friend and colleague on board and am slowly expanding my team of support. It’s an exciting, but somewhat stressful, time as we are also in the process of on boarding quite a few new clients and are ramping up for the Guernsey Literary Festival. I’ll definitely write about that, either here or over on ATS, so as I thoroughly enjoyed it last year.

The below vlog was something that I filmed last summer, but I actually didn’t ever watch it back or even put it together as a final edit because I was sure that I had that “I’m far too busy” rhetoric going on in my head and I didn’t want to see myself flapping. When I finally took a look at it, it would seem that it was actually a pretty good representation of A Day in My Life in Guernsey so please give it a watch and enjoy.

 Until the next update! Ciao! 🙂