Why I Want To Vlog More

I used to have a little fitness vlog called Shape Up with Stef and I kind of fell out of love with it. I didn’t want to document my weight loss journey or become a fitness vlogger. It was starting to take up a long time to film and edit and I was spending more time doing that than I was actually working out. NOT the end goal, believe me.

I still wanted to vlog, but more about travel and business – which is more related to my day to day life. I still work out 5-6 days a week. I just don’t spend time filming it anymore. It’s my me-time. The one time I am not on my phone or thinking about technology.

As a social media consultant, I know that video is where the attention is. I know that social media platforms are focused on sharing video and, therefore, video is likely to get more organic reach than a simple photo or update.

I knew I had to get back into vlogging. I had always been kind of intrigued by vlogmas, so I decided to go for it this year. This video explains a bit more.

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I’ll see you on the small screen, more often, very soon!