Getting Active in France

I’ve written before about finding time to work out when away. I like to prioritise it. Or at the very least, stay active when on holiday. This week’s workout diary is a little different because I was recovering from the walk (post still coming!) and it was my birthday. However, having rounded up the week, I don’t think I did too badly!
This Week's Workout Diary -

Take a look for yourselves:

MONDAY – Major rest day post-walk
TUESDAY – Birthday. Still resting from Saturday.
WEDNESDAY – 5km run. Managed under 30mins.
THURSDAY – To France. Some walking. Wouldn’t call it a workout. 🙂
FRIDAY – Nothing was strictly a workout but we did 23,000 steps as we explored Mont Saint Michel in the morning and Combrit in the evening – we even walked to and from dinner in Sainte-Marine which was 40mins each way!
SATURDAY – A day on the bike. My garmin picked up nothing, but we spent the whole afternoon on hired bikes, exploring the coast, stopping for lunch etc. It said I did about 2000 steps but that’s because I was cycling!
SUNDAY – Another travel day. I was completely exhausted this day. My body is still so tired and I had a pretty active weekend so this was a rest day, although we did wander around the old town of St Malo in the evening.

I’m travelling again next week but am planning on giving the Sarah’s Day ebook a fresh start and I’m taking my running shoes to Ireland, where I’m going for a wedding. It’s the easiest way to get out and enjoy the area that you are in and get a quick workout in to balance out all of the holiday food!

Do you work out when you are away? Or at least, how do you stay active?