My Birthday Week (Yes, Week!)

I’m 30 now. And I’m taking it very well. Plus, I’ve had such a lovely week . It started with a BBQ in the garden last Sunday. It was a nice group of friends, both old and new, and the rain kept off for us which was amazing luck. We had drinks, great food and ended the evening in the hot tub.
Then on the Monday, I had a blogging and content day to get on top of my 30 day challenge, as I had taken a couple of days off over the weekend. I also had a lot of errands to run, household chores to catch up on and a couple of email inboxes to clear.
Tuesday was my actual birthday. I awoke early and just had a lazy morning around the house. I opened my cards, I wrote a couple of fun blog posts in bed over coffee and then headed to lunch with Rob. We went to Red, one of my fave places to eat in Guernsey as I told you about here. We had steak and chips with bearnaise sauce and a glass of red wine, before splitting a dessert – that salted caramel gets me every time!
Then we had a quick trip to the doctor’s surgery. Rob had an ongoing issues with his ankle and, not wanting to have an entire day without at least some of the attention on him, we popped to get it checked out. Afterwards, he made up for it by taking me to buy a nice bottle of champagne which we took home and shared over a takeaway and some trashy tv. Sometimes that’s all you need on your birthday! I had a lovely, relaxing day.
Wednesday was my day to fit an entire week’s worth of work into 24hrs, which I did remarkably well considering I also had to go to town to go to the bank and also. because my iPhone camera keeps steaming up and blurring my photos. #firstworldproblems I know, but you know, it’s also a total disaster when I’m travelling so much this month whilst simultaneously trying to run a blog and a social media business. Anyway, I bashed out some client content, cleared my entire inbox and prepped my calendar for the month.
On Thursday, I awoke early to finish anything I didn’t have time to do the previous day. (Yes, that means being at my desk from 6am-830am… loving my ‘freedom lifestyle’ in moments like this…).
I’m writing this to you from France. We caught the ferry on Thursday afternoon from Guernsey to St Malo and then drove to Mont St Michel for the evening. Then we drove to a small town in Brittany called Combrit-Sainte-Marine for the weekend before heading back to St Malo for the Sunday night. Today we head back to Guernsey on the boat and I’ll be back in my office this afternoon, bar a quick trip to the Apple Store to see if they can solve my iPhone woes. I’ll share more on France in upcoming blog posts. It’s been an awesome week. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed myself!