This Week’s Workout Diary

This Week's Workout Diary -

Hello hello! This is the first blog post that I am popping up since my 30 Blogs in 30 Days Challenge. I definitely will write a full rundown of how I did on that challenge but for now, it’s time for my weekly workout diary. This is for last week. Usually I would post this a bit earlier in the week, but as I completed my challenge on Tuesday, my 30th birthday, I took a couple days off to catch up on other things, like my business and my social life!

Monday – Today I enthusiastically started with the first day of Sarah’s Day’s new ebook, Sweat it to Shred it, which was probably not great timing a few days before the walk, but it consisted of around 30 mins of lots of simple moves like squats, burps and lunges. I enjoyed getting a sweat on. I did not enjoy the aches afterwards.

Tuesday – Completely necessary Rest Day, as I was very stiff from Monday’s workout. I was pretty shocked by this.

Wednesday – My mum was in town and I took her for a simple cliff walk around Jerbourg. It was a quick 30 min stroll really but with steps and the like, of course. My aim was to loosen my legs, as I was still pretty stiff from Monday.

Thursday – Rest Day. On Thursday, work took over and I simply sat on my laptop and bashed out as much content and emails as I could.

Friday – I did a photo shoot with a lot of running and walking involved, but generally I was resting my legs in preparation for tomorrow. A quick selfie from the location is below.

Saturday – The Walk: A 60km round-the-island walk on Guernsey. It took me over 11hrs and I hated my life by the end of it. I’ll write a full post soon. The pretty pic above was taken by Rob’s sister, Dyanne, at the start of the race (430am!) Stunning, right?

Sunday – A rest day was needed here of course as the walk was like doing two marathons back to back in a day and then going for dinner and drinks. I needed a day off. Luckily, it was my birthday bbq day so everyone came to my house instead of me venturing out too far. I recovered pretty quickly though and I’m proud of that.

Clearly, I scrapped the #JMSquatChallenge for this week. See last week’s diary for details. I also stopped doing the Sarah’s Day workout ebook, which makes me sad that I can’t keep up with the first squad but The Walk had to take over. I’m undecided on whether I start again on Monday or whether I carry on from this week. Probably the former. I’ll keep you posted.

I am also very much avoiding the scale at the moment as my hormones, water weight and everything else are all over the place at the moment. More on that to come in a future post.