20 Things That Happened in My 20s

I thought it would be fun on the last day before my 30th birthday to list 20 things that happened in my 20s that I feel were pretty big milestones or achievements in my life. So, here we go!

Santiago De Compostela

I moved to Spain when I was 20 for university.

I started my blog! Read my first ever post here.

I graduated from university.

I moved to Costa Rica for 2 years.

I had my first relationship. It lasted almost five years and was a great adventure.

I moved to London. Just in time for the summer of 2012 – the Jubilee and the Olympics will always make it one of the best summers of my life.

I went through my first breakup. I was 25 and I took it better than I thought I was going to.

chateau montpatey wineI met “The One”. Cheesy, but true. And we had no idea for years either.

I started working for myself. All of my blogging and guest posting and freelance writing started when I was still at university and I haven’t been able to let go of it since.

hiking in guernsey

I moved to Guernsey. My first #IslandLife post is here.

prague marathon diary

I ran a marathon. Read my running diary here.

I got my first real full-time job in the city (and I started taking workwear mirror selfies!)

I went blonde and then back again.

london fitness blogger

I lost weight. I gained a lot of weight at university and lost most of it and more over the course of my 20s.

My first Coachella - StefanieGrace.com

I went to a festival – Coachella

3 peaks challenge

I did the 3peaks challenge.

I travelled the world – Costa Rica, Kenya, Uganda, Haiti, Dominican Republic, South Africa, USA, Indonesia, Mauritius, South Africa, Italy, Spain, France, Switzerland, Namibia, Malawi, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, Morocco, Belgium…


I started a business: AllThingsSocial.co.uk

I walked almost 60km in one day – on Saturday! Read the blog here.

I was a bridesmaid for the first time. Snippets are in this vlog

I have absolutely loved writing this blog. What a ride it has been. I sometimes think I haven’t ‘achieved’ enough in my 20s because I don’t have a house or a husband or a child or a huge savings account or a pension. But I have had an awesome ride and I love my story and my journey and I can’t wait to continue it into my 30s!