30 Days of Blogging: Time for a Catch Up

30 Days of Blogging - StefanieGrace.com

I am 20 days into my 30 Blogs in 30 Days challenge, counting down to my 30th birthday on 6th June. And I was pretty behind at the start of today. I’ve had a rough and busy week and although I was writing and editing photos, I wasn’t quite managing to pull it altogether into a coherent and published post before I fell asleep in my laptop. I had a kick up the bum last night though, from Rob who told me I’d be so annoyed at myself if I didn’t complete this and I realised he was so right, so I spent the entire day writing, editing and catching up. And now I feel awesome.

Here is a run down of where we are so far:

Day 1: #IslandLife: A Long, Overdue Update!

Day 2: My LA Travel Diary

Day 3: Brunching in West Hollywood

Day 4: My Workout Diary: Back on the Grind

Day 5: A Weekend in Jersey

Day 6: Around the World with Stefanie Grace

Day 7: Discovering Meson El Gallo, Menorca

Day 8: Why I’m challenging myself to 30 Days of Blogging

Day 9: How to Survive a Week in Vegas

Day 10: When Life Gets Busy

Day 11: Thoughts on: My Love for Language

Day 12: 5 Places to Eat in Guernsey

Day 13: What I Eat In A Day

Day 14: #IslandLife: Our Guernsey Hen Do

Day 15: A Gem in the City: Farmer’s Daughter Hotel, West Hollywood

Day 16: Visiting the Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon West – haven’t quite pushed this live yet! 😉

Day 17: My American Holiday Workout Diary

Day 18: My Workout Diary: Arm Workouts and Skipping Runs

Day 19: Why do I do this to myself?

Day 20 brings us to today’s post (that’s this one that you’re reading!)

I have 10 days left, having finally caught up today on quite a few posts and I’m pretty excited to be back on track after the doubts I expressed in last night’s post.

Thank you so much to all who have read along so far… 10 days to go! 🙂