My Workout Diary: Arm Workouts and Skipping Runs.

My Workout Diary -

Hi folks, No video for the workouts this week. As I said, I wasn’t going to film every single one as it gets repetitive. However, I will still track them as I think it’s good for accountability. So this is what I did last week:

MONDAY – Rest Day. I had totally planned this – I couldn’t fit anything in, as it was the last day of the Guernsey Literary Festival that I was working on and I had a lot of work to catch up on and was definitely overtired. I needed sleep more than anything.

TUESDAY – I went on a evening cliff walk hike with a friend. I also filmed my What I Eat in a Day video on this day.

WEDNESDAY – I had planned a 5km run but the weather was so terrible that I didn’t run at all and just catching up on content and working all day. Rob dragged me away from my computer and into the garage for a crossfit workout. I’m so glad I got a good sweat on that day. (He’s such a good influence, eh?) I also practiced my box jumps and am getting my confidence back on them. (I’ll be back on the box in no time!

THURSDAY – I had planned a 5km run but the weather was so terrible that I didn’t run at all and didn’t do any exercise at all. Oops.

FRIDAY – I was out and about all day on this day in meetings and doing a talk to a group of local entrepreneurs before catching up on work in a cafe and meeting a friend for drinks.

SATURDAY – No time for workouts! Today was our Guernsey Hen Do for my friend Amy.

SUNDAY – On Sunday evening, I knew I needed to do something, so I hit the gym when Rob drove up to the leisure centre for a swim. I did 3km on the rower before doing a simple dumbbell arm workout and some abs and stretches. It felt good to do something and not legs, as I needed to save them for Monday’s epic walk – check back next week for that one!


Weight-wise, I’m still floating around the 180-185lbs mark, which I’m not too worried about as it was a certain time of the month! 😉

Random Thought: I used to be part of an online weight loss forum when I was at university and we always used to write ‘TOTM’ as an abbreviation for ‘time of the month’ when we were talking about being on our periods – is that still a thing?!