What I Eat In A Day

I promised in my previous vlogpost that I would start mixing it up in my videos to avoid the constant repetition, plus to hopefully improve my skills because I get lazy when I have to film and edit my whole week, so I thought I would give ‘What I Eat in a Day’ a go! This was actually really fun although I forgot to talk about the food that I had at each meal, I actually ended up speaking to camera later on and using it as a voiceover which is something I haven’t done before and I actually really enjoyed playing with that bit of the edit.

I filmed this on a busy day. It was my first full day back working and I was in meetings, I was catching up on client work and calls and emails plus I had quite a few personal errands to fit in too!

I’m quite proud of this one, so enjoy!

What I eat in a day - SHAPE up with STEF