How to Survive a Week in Vegas

How to Survive a Week in Vegas -

We recently spent a week in Vegas. Yes, a whole week. Not a party weekend… Not a crazy 24hrs – an entire 7 nights for Rob’s 30th birthday. And we survived. So today, I wanted to share my tips with you on how to survive a week in Vegas.

Take a break

Have a night off! You can afford to order room service and take a night off the booze if you are in town for the entire week. After a heavy weekend of birthday celebrations, Rob went out with friends for dinner and I just enjoyed a a night in with room service, a cup of tea and the tv remote. Bliss. I even managed to clear my inbox and write a couple of notes for the blog.

Get away from the casino

There is no need to live in that monotonous, time-sucking casino the entire time you are in Vegas. Don’t get me wrong – I love a $10 Blackjack table as much as the next gal, but I don’t need to spend the whole day there. So I made sure that we did something away from the casinos most days. We went shopping (Vegas has great outlets malls). We also went to golf simulator venue, Top Golf, which was great fun. You can also try a new restaurant or go and see a show.

Day Drinking

Now, bear with me here… By this I mean, do not drink into the night. If you have a had a few drinks in the day time and are very tired and ready to crash at midnight, then you can get up in the morning and not lose the next day. You live the Vegas party life but without the crazy sleeping patterns. I am an advocate of day drinking and getting an early (enough) night.

Work Out

If you can get a workout in whilst you are there – do it. Go for a run in the morning or hit the hotel gym. It helps with jet lag, clears the hangover and stops you feeling so rough by the end of the day. You’ve got to balance out those overindulgences somehow!

Stick to a routine

Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner! Know what time of day it is. Balance out the burger and fries with a salad. Make sure you eat normally and don’t drink from 10am every day… it’s not necessary and it’s not sustainable for a week.

Get out of the city

We love getting out to the outlet malls and we also did a day trip to see the Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon West. I’ll write more about that day soon but don’t forget to explore the amazing location that you are in. An active day out is totally worth it and makes for a nice change. Plus, the drinks and the tables are still there when you get back. Nothing changes!


Have you survived a week or more in Vegas? Tell me your tips below!