Why I’m challenging myself to 30 Days of Blogging

Last Monday, I started a little challenge for myself  – or actually, a pretty big challenge – I wanted to blog every day for 30 days. There are a few reasons that I wanted to do this and I’ve detailed them below.

I have tried this before and failed.

I did it around my 28th birthday and I managed about 10 days. I did it without planning and without much commitment. Then at other times, I’ve thought about doing it and backed out because I a) didn’t want to fail again and b) thought that I shouldn’t be focusing my energy on my blog when I could be building my business or working on client work or pitches.

I need to bash out some content.

I have so much in the bank that I need to share. When I travel, I am such a blogger. I write drafts on my phone, I take pictures and notes and souvenirs and then I never actually sit and write the post – and I need to break that habit and complete the cycle. I also thought that it would get me into the habit of writing and publishing content more frequently, without fear of it not being perfect or feeling like I don’t have time because I am out of practice.

I’m turning 30!

It seemed too perfect an opportunity to fit this in, so I decided to blog for 30 days in a row to count down to my 30th birthday.


Here is what I have shared so far over the first 7 days:

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Meson El Gallo, Menorca - StefanieGrace.com

A review of the stunning Meson El Gallo Restaurant in Menorca

I’m not sure what tomorrow will be yet. I had a plan but I haven’t quite been sticking to it. I’m not as ahead of content as I would like to be, so in fact, I need to do quite a bit of writing this week to get ahead of myself again. I do have some more time over the next couple of weeks, so I’m excited to push on.

Wish me luck!