Brunching in West Hollywood

Brunch in West Hollywood -

I love a good brunch. We only had two mornings in LA, so we wanted to do it right. And I think we did pretty well. Check out the two places that we chose for our two mornings for brunch in West Hollywood below.

Toast Bakery & Cafe

I am obsessed with this place. I want to go back EVERY DAY for brunch. Forever. Is that ok with everyone? ‘kay, cool. 

I discovered Toast after a little online research. As you read in my LA Travel Diary yesterday, we had woken up really early due to jet lag and decided to go for a run and then finish on West 3rd Street for brunch. We got up so early that we actually got to brunch at about half past 8, which was just when all of the local businessmen were starting to arrive for breakfast meetings, which I love to see. We definitely were too early for the tourists, which was great. Menu-wise, there was quite a lot to choose from, but I knew I wanted eggs and that we also needed to try the renowned Croissant French Toast with its orange zest cream cheese and fruit. Rob opted for The Burrito which he devoured post-run pretty quickly. I loved my omelette (I got ‘The Favorite’) and fruit cup that came with it. The Croissant French Toast may have been new flavour combination for us… but don’t worry – we devoured that as well. Check out the photos below (excuse my sweaty, jet lagged post-run face!)

Brunch in West Hollywood - Brunch in West Hollywood -

I love bottomless coffee in the States. And the fact that they bring you huge iced lemon waters with every meal. Rob and I love nothing more than sitting and chatting over various cups of coffee at home on a weekend morning, and I love that you can do that in a US cafe without needing to keep buying a new cup of coffee over and over.

Brunch in West Hollywood - Brunch in West Hollywood - Brunch in West Hollywood - Brunch in West Hollywood -


Overall, I’m really glad that I chose Toast and I would happily go back again and again. Now, that’s a recommendation, right?

Joan’s on Third

On our second, and final, morning in LA, we got up and hit the trails. We ran/hiked up to the Hollywood sign, took all of the necessary pictures (more to come next week when I’ll round up my full workout itinerary from my trip!) and then headed to Joan’s on Third to replenish our appetites. I was so ready to eat. A LOT.

By the way, my latest plan for making sure I get to try the best things at a new place is to check the most frequently mentioned menu items on TripAdvisor and then order them. (Yes, I should be sponsored by TripAdvisor at this rate…) It works pretty well. In fact, it’s how I knew we needed to go for the Croissant French Toast above at Toast. Following this logic (and after a little umm-ing and ahhh-ing over whether we should be healthy or not post-hike…), we ordered the Short Rib Sandwich and the Fried Egg Sandwich. A balanced choice, right? The short rib was insanely good. The other was ok, if I’m honest. Rob really liked it, but I much preferred his Short Rib to my Egg option.

Brunch in West Hollywood -

I don’t know about you but I hate ‘wasting calories’ on food I don’t really enjoy. I made a promise to myself and to my body years ago that I would never feel bad for buying a water & a salad in a restaurant (when a different drink and a steak costs the same – or less) because I am investing in my health. It was honestly the best decision that I have ever made and I am so pleased that I am here, 4 stones lighter later and so much happier and more balanced for that.

Brunch in West Hollywood -

Brunch in West Hollywood -


But anyway, I was so pleased to have done brunch in West Hollywood right twice. I would totally love to go back to Toast as well as Joan’s. Joan’s had great vibe with an awesome deli and salad bar that I would definitely want to hit up next time.


LA, I shall be back! If you haven’t read My full LA Travel Diary that was on the blog yesterday, then go and read it now!

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Brunch in West Hollywood -