24hrs in London: Sandown Races & Franco Manca Pizza

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Back in March, Rob and I spent a whirlwind 24hrs in London with our friends, Kam & Sonal. On the Saturday morning with sun streaming through the windows, I was up at 6.30am to wash my hair, tidy the house and pop to the shops to grab some tights before heading to the airport. Despite the various travel delays that we’ve experienced over the last few months, the flight was on time, quick and painless. After a quick change at Gatwick, we jumped in an Uber and headed to Sandown races for the Matchbook Imperial Cup Day.

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We were actually invited to the races by Matchbook, as Rob’s company is a major client of theirs, so it was great to head over and meet some of the faces that he works with. Plus, it was nice to be heading to an event with him instead of dragging him along to one of my events!

We had lunch and drank some champagne in private box before watching a couple of the races from the balcony. It was the first time I had allowed myself to have some bubbles and relax and I really enjoyed it. Later on, we were invited to award some prizes before spending some time in the Royal Box for the last race.

I had been placing a few bets over the course of the afternoon. Overall, I finished £1.50 down for the day. Not bad for a first-timer, I would guess. (That beginner’s luck didn’t work for me unfortunately.)

Franco Manca Pizza Review - StefanieGrace.com

Once the day was over,  We grabbed a cab to the the station where we jumped on the train to Clapham for an evening at Franco Manca* with friends. Most of you know that I tend to avoid wheat & dairy since visiting a nutritionist last year. However, I decided to give the pizza a go after reading their menu about the easily digestible ingredients.

“Most intolerances are not to wheat, but to bad flour with plenty of “improvers” and not enough fermentation. Please give pizza another chance.”

I absolutely loved the pizza. I went for the special from the blackboard, which was chorizo & sweet potato: two of my faves.

Franco Manca Pizza Review - StefanieGrace.com

After a couple of drinks, we headed back to the airport where we were staying at the Bloc hotel, which is always a favourite of ours. Read my previous full review here. The next morning was an early one as we were on the 8.30am flight, so a quick coffee and a green juice from Pret got us to the gate and then made it back to Guernsey, despite fog warnings. A perfect 24hrs! It was jam-packed and it’s always fun to go off-island.

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Until the next adventure!

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*Photos from the Franco Manca website by Alessandra Spairani.