Trying Pilates with Lottie Murphy

Pilates with Lottie Murphy -

Moving to Guernsey has been a great opportunity for me. In fact, I have loved almost every minute of it. But the one thing that I do miss is the blogging community. I get a lot of invites to events that I just can’t go to and then I get #FOMO scrolling through the ‘gram. But such is life right? Yes. And it’s fine. Until John Lewis email you and ask you if you want to come and make smoothies and do pilates with Lottie Murphy. Then you think ‘Get me a plane ticket!‘.

Luckily, last week, Rob had to go to London for work, we were invited to  a friend’s 30th birthday, we owed Rob’s cousin a dinner, my friend is pregnant and I wanted to see her… then I got another press invite for another brand  on the same day as the John Lewis event. It was all falling into place, so we booked those tickets, found an Airbnb and boom.

Pilates with Lottie Murphy -

The Blogging Event

The venue was stunning. The OXO Tower is an iconic place in London. You can see those red letters for miles. What I didn’t know was that it has a a great event space, the OXO2, with stunning views over the city and a full kitchen. Amazing, right? I walked over from Soho (because I didn’t realise how cold it was and I wanted to vlog…). We started with some yummy snacks, before a chat with Hayley Pedrick from The Nutrition Coach about the benefits of juices and smoothies for pre and post workout. Then we went into the kitchen to make a few yummy creations to have after the class. (More on that to come in Wednesday’s blog!)
 Pilates with Lottie Murphy -

The Pilates Class

What I love about Lottie is that she’s a blogger. She behaves like a blogger. She sat in on the talk, she asked Hayley questions, she took part in the the madness that was the smoothie making (put 30 health bloggers in a room with a few Nutribullets and a pile of bananas, lashings of coconut milk and buckets of spirulina and just imagine the enthusiastic chaos that unfolds!), she insisted we all did a group Boomerang before we left. Girl after my own heart – seriously.

I don’t think I’ve ever done Pilates before. Maybe the odd YouTube video in the past. (And I do subscribe to Lottie!) So, I was both nervous but excited. I needn’t have been. I actually did pretty well. I think my runners’ stamina and my yogi muscles helped me out a lot – especially for the ab work. I surprised myself. Lottie took us through a simple Pilates class. It was scheduled to be 45mins. I didn’t time it but it felt like it was about 10. It just flew by. I loved it! We worked on our legs, abs and glutes mainly. I love the small movements and the repetition in Pilates. It was a great workout and I can’t wait for the next session.
 Pilates with Lottie Murphy -
One of the things that is really important to me when travelling is getting my workout in. I wrote a post about it here! I know that I am more likely to eat more and have a few drinks when catching up with friends and exploring new places, even in London. So I always try to avoid the Tube, walk as much as possible and go to some fun workout classes that I don’t get at home, such as my old fave Psycle or, of course, a session of pilates with Lottie Murphy overlooking the River Thames. Winning!
Have you ever tried pilates? Let me know below!
(If you’re interested in how we made our post-workout smoothies… that will be in Wednesday’s blog. Stay tuned!)
Thank you to John Lewis, Talented Talkers, Hayley & Lottie for a great evening!