From Havana to London, it’s Week 8!

week-8-shape-up-with-stef- jet lag workout diary

We’re on week 8 of my weekly workout diary, Shape up with Stef!

I’m calling this one the jet lag workout edition, although it could easily be the #techfail edition because… oh my! I’ve been dealing with some serious technical issues since getting back to London (yeah I know… go figure!). As soon as I got back, I managed to edit, export and upload my video for week 7 in Cuba as quickly as I could. Then I moved as quickly as possible on to the next video (this one…) but that’s when all of my problems started. First, up I could not get the blooming thing exported for the life of me. And then when I finally did, once back in Guernsey on Saturday, I had to deal with my home internet speed which essentially means an 8hr upload time. So this went up when I got back from some fun Bonfire Night celebrations with friends at about midnight on Saturday. Oh well, these things happen.

As for what is in the video… well, there isn’t much fitness to be honest! I started at the beach in Varadero, Cuba where I smashed out a quick spinning session before heading to Havana to explore the city. You’ll see what happened when I got there. After that I flew home to be bridesmaid for my friend and jet lag + wine happened. On camera. Pretty funny. Not super healthy. Oh well, we live to work out another day.

SOOOO without further ado, here we go with Week Eight’s video:

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week-8-shape-up-with-stef- jet lag workout diary


If you would like to see the actual jet lag edition and how I dealt with being in London and jet lagged AND how I worked out, stay tuned for next week. Equally, I’m planning some travel vlogs which I will pop up on the channel every now and then, so make sure you hit that subscribe button so you never miss another video again.

Just before I go, as always I want to take the opportunity to say THANK YOU so much to all of you who watch every week! I really appreciate the support. Please do keep sharing and liking as I’m really loving Youtube and I really want to grow my channel and see where I can take this over the next few months. I’d also love to hear suggestions and other ideas, so please do let me know in the comments below.

week-8-shape-up-with-stef- jet lag workout diary

Until next week!