bloc to the rescue!

bloc hotel gatwick view

I have spoken about many many travel delays of late and one of the reasons that I don’t spiral into a panic at the thought of being stranded at the airport is bloc hotel Gatwick.

The first bloc was in central Birmingham. Not only is it a great idea for a perfect cheap central city hotel, but I also think that it is an amazing deal for an airport, because you have the comfort and the necessities without paying extortionate prices. bloc is a no-nonsense designer hotel at affordable prices.

bloc hotel gatwick view

I can’t really do my usual hotel review format for this blog post because there aren’t really any facilities to the hotel – the airport kind of takes care of all of that. However, the rooms are pretty special. bloc focuses on details where details matter. Everything operates from a touchscreen by the bed – the blinds are the most fun! The bathroom is small bur perfectly formed – the shower is over the loo, but that certainly didn’t really bother me, especially as you probably shower right before bed or right before you get dressed and leave for your flight. For business travellers or bloggers, it also has the UK’s fastest hotel wifi, which is fab for keeping on top of emails and blog posts and also very easily take Skype or FaceTime calls.


“bloc is a brilliant idea – a hotel with all the stuff you don’t need taken out and all the stuff you do need done better. Italian tiles, Egyptian cotton, kingsize double-beds, hi-tech tv, free wifi. Compact quality is what bloc is all about.”

Conde Nast

Yassss sir, I agree!


The first time I stayed at the bloc hotel Gatwick was before the Prague marathon. Rob and I flew over from Guernsey and stayed at the hotel. We were so impressed with the room that we had. It had a full view of the runways and we could barely tear ourselves away to go and have dinner because it was so fascinating. Then after many hours of delay on my way back from Barcelona. I realised that I was going to miss my flight home to Guernsey, so had to stay last minute at bloc again – and again, it did not disappoint. In fact, I am headed to CUBA (!!) in a few weeks’ time with my mum and we have booked in there because of course, I need to show her what I have been going on about for all these months.

bloc hotel Gatwick

Address: South Terminal Gatwick Airport, Gatwick RH6 0NP, United Kingdom