NEW! Shape up with Stef on YOUTUBE!

I am very, very excited to reveal my new Youtube channel! Doing video has been something that I wanted to do for a while but quite frankly I didn’t have the balls to do it! HOWEVER, I have taken the plunge. I recently heard the phrase, “What’s the opposite of perfect? Done.” And I am so on board with that.

SHAPE up with STEF

Another reason that I was never sure what I wanted to do with Youtube and I wanted to have an ongoing series of some kind, so I have finally settled on ‘Shape up with Stef’, my weekly workout routine. I will aim to upload a weekly workout diary vlog every week. Why? Because it will keep me on track and consistent with my workouts… or I won’t have any content to post for you guys! In fact, that’s actually a brilliant way of staying focused on your goals – make them public!

What do I hope to achieve with this? Well, apart from staying on top of my personal fitness goals and as a result, I feel like my blog will be taken to the next level by adding video. I also am going to be really real on these videos. I’m going to share my weight, I will share my sweaty face and I will share when I skip a workout. Why? Because that is real life and I hope that you all find it not only refreshing, but also motivational.

So without further ado, here we go! Hope you enjoy.

So I really hope that you will continue on and follow me on my journey. Please subscribe, like and comment on my videos and I really hope that they inspire and motivate you as I certainly hope they will do me.

I’ll see you on YouTube very soon!

Stef x