5 Places to Eat in Prague

 5 Places to Eat in Prague - StefanieGrace.com

Czech food traditionally is a lot to do with meat, potatoes, dumplings and beer. However, whilst that is still a key part of national dishes, the city’s gastronomical prowess is now about way more than just the basics. These days there are some really fantastic places to eat in Prague. I recently ran the Prague marathon and in the spirit of carb-loading I tried out quite a few restaurants in order to bring this list to you. No need to thank me...

Naše Maso

Sandwich - Places to Eat in Prague - StefanieGrace.com

Naše Maso is a cool little butchery offering a small selection of deli specials from hamburgers and meatball subs to grilled steak platters with mustard. We opted for a pastrami sandwich and the daily special – which was 2 day slow-braised garlic beef short rib with homemade bread. Both were absolutely delicious. We loved the casual atmosphere of the deli. It had a great buzz about it. On a sunny day, the front window opens up to the street, where more people can sit on benches. One of the most fun parts was the beer and water on tap in the corner. Yes, I mixed them up and got beer instead of water. (Yes, we went back and paid for it.)


Naše Maso. Dlouhá 39, 110 00 Prague 1. asemaso.ambi.cz


La Bottega Bistroteka

We needed a pasta dish the night before the marathon and La Bottega Bistroteka did not disappoint. We started with a simple ham and cheese platter to share between 3, then ordered 2 rigatoni lamb ragouts and a carbonara. All were delicious. All were really filling. But seeing as we were a) carb-loading and b) sitting right next to the patisserie counter. It seemed silly to not go for a couple of treats. I’d been eyeing up the tiramisu for a couple of hours anyway. Both were yummy. We were really impressed with the place. It had great decor, amazing service and brilliant food. I love going to restaurants with Rob’s dad, Bruce, because he always enjoys the atmosphere and seems to taken by the feel of a place and then states it, which makes me notice and enjoy it more. Top marks!
La Bottega Bistroteka. Dlouhá 39, Prague 1. www.bistroteka.labottega.cz 


La Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise

La Degustation - Places to Eat in Prague - StefanieGrace.com

This is a special one. I read up on restaurants in Prague and this place kept popping up on all lists. I booked it in advance as a belated birthday present for Rob. Michelin stars galore, this place offers two tasting menus and you can add wine pairing to each course. Each dish is small, but perfectly formed. The wine is all Czech and surprisingly good. It’s not cheap, mind! The shorter menu for two with wine pairing, coffee, water and a glass of champagne came to over £250. One to treat yourselves, for sure. We certainly did post-marathon.
La Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise. Haštalská 18, 110 00 Prague 1. www.ladegustation.cz


KrčmaKrcma - Places to Eat in Prague - StefanieGrace.com

Goulash - Places to Eat in Prague - StefanieGrace.com

When in Prague, you must eat goulash and drink beer. Obviously. So that is what we did on a quiet Sunday night after the marathon. We hobbled down the road from our hotel and parked ourselves on a bench with piles of sausage and steak and loved every minute of it. I even opted for the red wine of the day. I had no idea what it was, but it was very good. We recommended the place to everyone we spoke to the next day and will continue to do so. It is also very reasonably priced. Just go. Like, ASAP.

Krčma. Kostečná 4, 110 00 Prague 1. www.krcma.cz



croissant - Places to Eat in Prague - StefanieGrace.com

Just walking past Bakeshop got our attention. It’s a pretty little bakery on a street corner with huge windows, sun-drenched benches outside and dozens of baked delights spottable from the doorway. We went twice. Once for a post-shopping coffee and cake stop and then again for a breakfast coffee and stuffed croissant trip. It was amazing both times. They also have a salad bar along with pies and quiches, plus takeaway sandwiches and salads. Bakeshop seems like the perfect neighbourhood corner cafe. We loved seeing a young couple with a bottle of the store’s own-brand house sparkling wine sitting on one of the benches outside enjoying the midday sun. That seemed like a great way to spend the afternoon – and I would like to return soon to do just that.

Bakeshop. Kozí 918/1, 110 00 Prague 1 (Old Town). www.bakeshop.cz

Bakeshop - Places to Eat in Prague - StefanieGrace.com
P.S. We stayed at the Intercontinental Prague hotel, which was 5-10mins walk from all of these places. Read my review of the hotel here.