Tried & Tested: Fitness Fox LDN

Late last year, I embarked upon a new project: To set up a brand spanking new, super-informative health & fitness website with my friend (another Stefanie with an F!). Due to time constraints and my other crazy #girlboss goals, we had to put the project on pause. However, we had attended a couple of events & review opportunities so I have decided to share them here on in order to be a good blogger and honour the commitment. This review of Fitness Fox LDN was written by Stefanie (not me!) I hope you enjoy it!

fitness fox ldn kelly bedford

What: Fitness Fox LDN

Where: London

Fitness Fox LDN is a new fitness programme founded by Kelly Bedford. Kelly has a degree in Sports Science and is a certified personal trainer with accreditations from the National Strength and Conditioning Association. In other words, she knows her stuff when it comes to fitness.

I attended one of the Fox Intensive group sessions at a park in Stoke Newington. The group session was fun and challenging. Most of the women in the group had previously been involved in the personal training programme with Kelly. The group was warm and welcoming. If you prefer a women’s only environment for working out, this programme is for you.

Session Overview: 

The session layout encourages group work and I felt motivated by the instructor and the group to push myself.

Kelly provides ‘levels’ and modifications for each move group. The movements get progressively harder allowing you to challenge yourself at levels 2 and 3.

Everyone gets a mat (or bring your own!) and a set of weights or strength bands.

fitness fox ldn

The session kicked off with dynamic stretching and mobility to get your body warmed up for the rest of the session.

Next, Kelly guided the Fox Pack through Strength Circuits with ‘super sets’ of back-to-back upper and lower body exercises, toning and burning calories at the same time. The circuits consisted of a lunge series (including overhead presses and curtsey lunges) followed by squatting wood chops and squats into explosive star jumps.

After these circuits, the focus was on high intensity interval training combining body weight moves with cardio.

Then, the Fox Pack was given the chance to focus on the backside with a series of glute focused band moves including squat walking with the bands.

The session finished off with a plank series including killer side planks. After the session, I had worked my entire body, got my heart rate up and definitely felt like a Fit Fox!

fitness fox ldn kelly bedford

Session Fees: £125 for 10 sessions or £15 drop-in.
If you do the personal training programmes, you get 3 group sessions as part of the packages.

The Verdict? I thoroughly enjoyed the group session and would definitely recommend checking them out and if you want a more comprehensive one-to-one fitness programme, try out Fitness Fox personal training.

Head to their website to find out more about Fitness Fox personal training packages and seriously consider joining the Fox Pack!