Book Review: Strong Looks Better Naked

strong looks better naked khloe kardashian

One of my 2016 goals was to read more books – I only ever read when I am travelling, and recently with all of my super short flights between the UK & Guernsey, I find that I do very little reading.

Strong Looks Better Naked is an easy and inspiring read. I’ve always identified with Khloe Kardashian, a “giant” in a world of 5ft beauties. Her sisters, Kourtney & Kim, are 5′ and 5’2″ respectively. It’s hard being the biggest person in the room when you’re 5’10” and even a little overweight – you feel so much bigger than the average person. I always had friends at school who were 5’3″ or 5’4″ and I always felt huge. Although Khloe states that she never felt overweight, she was of course aware of the size difference between her and her sisters – mainly when pointed out by other people and the press. I can’t imagine that pressure.

khloe kardashian workout

(Image borrowed from Khloe’s Instagram)

This book is part self-help, part this-is-how-I-did-it. Not only does this book balance those two things really well, it also manages to come across completely non-preachy. Like a chat with a friend who has turned her life around and is encouraging you to do the same. Completely non-judgmental. You will find a few secrets of the Khlo-Fit regime: what she eats, how she works out and how she balances her worries & her relationships. She also has sections written by the experts who have guided her on her journey, including her trainer Gunnar Peterson. Khloe has always been a reality star and an open book, so there’s nothing majorly shocking in the book – maybe a couple of extra tidbits from her life – but it isn’t a tell-all, just a nice read from a nice person. If nothing, you’ll come away with the thought that small steps can lead to a big goal and a stronger, happier you. Why would you want a quick fix when you could looks as good as and be as strong as Khloe K? That’s #goals.

If you fancy a read, ‘Strong Looks Better Naked’ is available on Amazon here: