My 2016 goals

Happy New Year!

I’m so excited to be back on the blog this year. I didn’t blog very much in 2015, mainly because I was in the process of setting up a business, chasing my #girlboss dreams and moving to a new place. For 2016, I’m not announcing whimsical new year’s resolutions, but instead I’m setting goals for every area of my life. I’m also setting mini-goals each month to be able to reach those goals. I will also be checking in with myself weekly to make sure that I am on the right track. So, without further ado, let’s dive into my 2016 goals.

Health fitness 2016 Goals

Health & Fitness

I was determined for this to NOT be about weight loss, as that is no longer something that drives me. Yes, I want to be skinnier, but I want to be strong & healthy in that and I am not focused on a number on the scale. So this year, I have signed up for the Prague Marathon in May, I want to do more sports & workout content with confidence and I want to get stronger throughout my entire body: abs, arms, legs… and mind. So here are my 2016 goals for health & fitness:

  1. Run a marathon in 2016
  2. Work out confidently in a sports bra in public
  3. 100 push ups without stopping by Dec 31st

My January mini-goals to get there:

The phrase ‘It’s a marathon, not a sprint’ has never rung more true. I always find it hard to get out and run in winter, especially when it is raining, which is all it is doing here on Guernsey at the moment. I need to get my running fitness back up, which means getting up and getting out there at least 3 times a week and also increasing my strength – Guernsey is full of hills, so I plan on running up them. Equally, I need to be cross training to keep my overall fitness & strength up which is why I will be eating much cleaner and working on my upper body strength.

  1. 2016 GOAL: Run a marathon in 2016
    1. Run 3 times a week
    2. Join a running club
    3. Weekly hill training (x4 in January)
  2. 2016 GOAL: Work out confidently in a sports bra in public 
    1. Take before photos in sports bra and file away
    2. Jump rope for 2mins x 3/week
    3. Eat clean 6 days a week
  3. 2016 GOAL: 100 push ups without stopping by Dec 31st
    1. Find online guide for improving push-up form
    2. 5 push ups in a row by end of month
    3. 10 push ups on knees per day

LIFESTYLE 2016 Goals


The overriding reason for setting goals is actually to improve my lifestyle. I work from home by myself and as a result, am often pretty disorganised. My boyfriend doesn’t work your average 9-5 so we don’t have a whole load of structure to our days. As a result, I can get 4 hours worth of work done one day and then 15 hours’ worth the next. Having well-thought out, achievable goals in every area of my life is really about creating structure and satisfaction in my daily life.

  1. Read at least one book a month
  2. Create separation of work & life
  3. Be an early riser with a great morning routine

My January mini-goals to get there:

I haven’t even unpacked my box of books since I moved to Guernsey 3 months ago. Having no commute means no time to read a book, so I have to carve out time to enjoy reading a book. I also spend far too much time on my phone than is good for me, so I plan to read actual books as much as possible, but also have my kindle on my phone for travel. I also have a terrible habit of writing a to do list a page long and then feeling so overwhelmed that I managed about 3 things on it – usually the absolute necessities – an then feel like a failure at the end of every day and sit with my computer late into the night on the sofa half-working, half-watching tv. Not big or clever. Or healthy. My plan is to give myself a bit of a break here and put more structure into my days by introducing basic things into my day – like getting dressed every morning. If I’m going for a run at lunchtime, I’ll often be in pyjamas until then. This shall no longer be the norm.

  1. 2016 GOAL: Read at least one book a month
    1. Unpack books from London move
    2. Make a habit to read before bed to unwind
    3. Download books to read for holiday
  2. 2016 GOAL: Create separation of work & life
    1. Set realistic daily goals
    2. Create a clear routine for end of work
    3. Organise/tidy home office
  3. 2016 GOAL: Be an early riser with a great morning routine
    1. No technology after 11pm
    2. Out of bed before 8am every day
    3. Shower & dress every morning

Relationships 2016 Goals


The stresses of daily life and the lack of structure in my life often means that I can go weeks or months without speaking to friends and family  – especially on the phone. I also find that I take out my own frustrations at the end of an unproductive day on my boyfriend which creates tension in the house when this shouldn’t be the case at all. I also keep missing birthdays and resorting to a jolly text or Facebook message on the day, which isn’t very me – I like to send cards and let people know I’m thinking of them. I’m fixing that this year by working on my communication and personal relationships.

  1. Call friends & family more often
  2. Be a more positive communicator
  3. Remember birthdays & important dates & mark them

My January mini-goals to get there:

I hope to not be setting monthly goals by the end of this year for my relationships. I hope to be in a place where I don’t need to write ‘Call Grandma’ on a To Do list in order to be remember to do that. However, sometimes you have to plan to make a goal a habit, so this is how I’m dealing with this in January.

  1. 2016 GOAL: Call friends & family more often
    1. Call Grandma twice this month
    2. Call one friend a week
    3. Call Dad twice this month
  2. 2016 GOAL: Be a more positive communicator
    1. Note negative thoughts & turn them around
    2. End every day with positivity
    3. Thank Rob daily for help/nice gesture
  3. 2016 GOAL: Remember birthdays & important dates & mark them
    1. Create/buy address book & birthday list
    2. Collate addresses from christmas cards
    3. Fill calendar with birthdays, anniversaries & reminders

Work & Business 2016 Goals

Work & Business

My main goal for work is to create a business that I love. I love what I do now, but I have so much more that I want to achieve and I don’t want my business to run me – I want to run my business and to create a life I love at the same time. I plan to learn how to delegate in 2016 – especially in terms of accounts & admin. I want to work more on strategy & goals in order to grow my business and so plan to have people help me to do that. I know that small companies will always require social media management over consultation, because it’s a time-consuming task. If I can build a team around me to take that daily management off my shoulders, then I will be offering a much better service to my clients and creating a much better business for myself. So my work and business 2016 goals are:

  1. No monthly clients managed exclusively by me by December 2016.
  2. All Things Social launched & successful.
  3. Good accounting system.

My January mini-goals to get there:

January is about delegation, organisation and finishing what I started – namely my business branding and behind-the-scenes admin. Wish me luck – I’m excited!

  1. 2016 GOAL: No exclusive monthly management clients
    1. Improve system of delegation
    2. Find cover for my holiday time
    3. Complete one consultation client & plan
  2. 2016 GOAL: All Things Social launched & successful
    1. Confirm & complete branding
    2. Launch website
    3. Write basic business plan for ATS
  3. 2016 GOAL: Good accounting system
    1. Set up Xero for daily use
    2. Complete and pay UK 2014-15 tax return
    3. Tie up UK finances & catch up on accounts for this year.

BLOGGING 2016 Goals

Blogging –

My blog is an extension of me. I’ve had this site since I was 20 – that’s over 8 and a half years! I want it to grow and be bigger than ever and I plan to do that by being stricter with myself and by setting achievable goals. No more, blog every day of the month or backdating content that I wanted to post a month ago (I used to do this all the time!). If I didn’t get it done before, it’s new content and it’s going up with an honest date. I also got an amazing camera for Christmas – a total surprise gift from my amazing boyfriend; the Canon 5D MKiii. He also got me a GoPro (I know, I know… lucky fish…), and told me that it was for me to finally set up that YouTube Channel that I keep harping on about. (Time to get learning!). My 2016 goals for blogging are:

  1. Post 3 times a week
  2. Double my Instagram Followers from 716
  3. Start a YouTube Channel

My January mini-goals to get there:

I use CoSchedule, which is a brilliant editorial calendar that also reuses content and posts engaging social updates to Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIN. I love it but don’t use it to its full potential at the moment. I plan to post 3 times a week which means I only need about 12 posts a month. That’s not a scary number and it’s definitely achievable. Planning ahead will also help. I also always leave my own social behind when I’m dealing with client accounts, so planning out my own content as I do theirs will help with my daily posting schedule immensely.

  1. 2016 GOAL: Post 3 times a week
    1. Create an achievable posting schedule
    2. Set aside a weekly time to create content ahead of time
    3. Create an annual content calendar
  2. 2016 GOAL: Double my Instagram Followers
    1. Post every day in January
    2. Daily comment on someone else’s post
    3. 1 Insta-video a week
  3. 2016 GOAL: Start a YouTube Channel
    1. Start creating videos for Instagram
    2. Create one practice video with new Canon
    3. Mind map of ideas for content & design/branding

What are your 2016 goals? Let me know in the comments below!