Working out with Body by Simone

get fit 4 free sweaty betty body by simoneSimone de la Rue is a force to be reckoned with. Tiny in stature but absolutely ripped with a boundless energy that couldn’t seem to be contained. Despite a bout of jet lag and the fact that she had just taught a class right before ours, she was a delight to train with. It’s so nice to meet someone who really doesn’t take themselves to seriously. She was so lovely and down-to-earth, not afraid to make a fool of herself and completely genuine. She didn’t stop smiling for the whole class, she made a point of introducing herself to every single person in her class by coming up to each of us, looking us in the eye and shaking our hand as she would any other client. Equally, she did admit that she wasn’t going to remember any of our names, but I loved that she did that anyway!

simone de la rue body by simone

Why was I working out with Simone, trainer extraordinaire and founder of Body by Simone whose clients include Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Sandra Bullock, Naomi Watts and Matt Damon? Well, I won a place in a class hosted by Sweaty Betty and Women’s Health magazine to train with Simone as part of the Sweaty Betty ‘Get Fit 4 Free’ campaign. Sweaty Betty run free classes in their boutiques every week to encourage people to live a healthy lifestyle. They have teamed up with Simone to provide Body by Simone classes throughout September in London. She personally spent a few days training the Sweaty Betty instructors in her routines. Look out for the classes, coming September 2015.

get fit 4 free sweaty betty body by simone

And how was the class? Hard work. I was coming off the back of a sprained ankle and it was the first cardio that I had done in weeks. We alternated simple but high energy dance moves with arm moves with simple dumbells, a plank routine and a hardcore glute workout. I really enjoyed it, and just eased off on the ankle when I thought that it needed it. A usual class at a Body by Simone studio involves about 45 minutes of dance cardio followed by an abs, glutes and arms workout. This was a pretty good taster. You really get a full body workout, come out drenched in sweat and feeling amazing. The workout has been recorded for the Sweaty Betty website (also out in September), but if you can’t wait for that Body By Simone TV is a great place to work out with Simone in the meantime. (That is, until her brand new workout dvd comes out at Christmas!)

get fit 4 free sweaty betty body by simone

Afterwards, we enjoyed some fresh juices in the rooftop bar of Ace Hotel, London Shoreditch (amazing views! I want to go back and stay there!) whilst chatting to Simone and also picking up a few nutrition tips from wellness blogger, Naturally Sassy. After a bit more chatting and selfie snapping, we all headed back out into our busy lives, feeling lighter, brighter and happier. At least I did anyway. I can’t wait for those Sweaty Betty sessions in September. I already prepped by grabbing a few items from their sale! (Sorry, not sorry…)

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