Week 10: Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide

I really felt like I turned a corner this week. I wanted to balance out my workouts so that I didn’t overdo it. I wanted to make sure that I focused more on running but kept leg workouts towards the beginning of the week because I wanted to be as fresh as possible for my big bootcamp day on Saturday (more to come on that later this week – hit ‘subscribe’ so that you don’t miss out!). I attended a guest chef event with a 5 course meal and wine on Tuesday, but I think I ate pretty well the rest of the week, so food-wise I’m pretty happy.

Kayla Week 10 bbg

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Here is how my week 10’s workouts went:

Week 10 – Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide
MON – Rest Day
TUES – Workout 2: Arms
WEDS – Workout 1:Legs
THURS – LISS: Run 5km
FRI – Rest Day
SAT – Bootcamp Day: Abs, LISS yoga & HIIT resistance and boxing.
SUN – Rest Day

Saturday’s bootcamp cleared up a lot of confusion for me. I was finding myself thinking: ‘How am I working out so often and still not losing loads of weight?‘ I mean, surely I am sweating off lbs and lbs of fat, right? Turns out not. As it turns out, I am capable so so much more workout-wise and I have this week to thank of that. It’s time to up my cardio and up my workouts. Just doing Kayla, when I have no other activity in my life (I work from home, so no commutes or running to the store for lunch anymore) isn’t enough. And June is a time to change that. These resistance workouts need to be part of my workouts and not my only ones with the occasional run. No more 3 x rest day-weeks and then questioning why I haven’t lost 20lbs in 7 days.  Let’s get real.

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