La Quincaillerie Brussels, Belgium

la quincaillerie brussels

Last week I had the pleasure of dining in Brussels for an evening, after being invited by P&G to join them at the launch of their new Fabric Care campaign (more on that to come). My obsessive, compulsive Trip Advisor addiction tends to kick in when I don’t have control over where I am eating. I just want to try all of the best food! However, I did trust who I was with to make an excellent decision and I was pleasantly surprised by the choice.

La Quincaillerie, Brussels

La Quincaillerie is a seafood restaurant and oyster bar serving up fresh and innovative fish dishes and Belgian classics in a former hardware store. I loved all of the little drawers on the wall where they used to store all of their products. The oyster bar area was grand and reminiscent of old school Europe.

La Quincaillerie Brussels Menu

When in Belgium, eat moules-frites right? Well, although that was an option on the main menu, I went for tataki of salmon, followed by seabass on celeriac and mousse-au-chocolat – it may be a cliche, but it’s a damned good one. The starter and main course were actually great, light choices, meaning I had room to devour the entire chocolate mousse, something those who had opted for shrimp croquettes and steak-frites couldn’t quite do. Sadly, I wasn’t close enough to the people I was sitting with to try their food, but they really enjoyed it, so no complaints there. I think that as a group we can recommend all of it.

La Quincaillerie Brussels Menu Starter

La Quincaillerie Brussels Menu Main Course

La Quincaillerie Brussels Menu Dessert

Speaking of my company for the evening, they were, in fact, delightful. Seated with the Head of Research and Development for Fabric Care at P&G, we chatted briefly about laundry but mainly about travel with the other members of the team. Having all been recently to South Africa, we chatted about our adoration for the country I now lovingly call my second home. It was a fabulous evening in a fabulous place with fabulous company. Sometimes you just need to escape to continental Europe for a night or two to realise how marvellous the world is right next door to you.

Thank you to P&G for the dinner and the company.

To find out more about La Quincaillerie, Brussels, visit

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