Thoughts on: Relaxing


Image from Pinterest.

I used to be really bad at relaxing. I’m not just talking about lying on the sofa and watching tv. I’m talking about full-on switching off, having no stress and being very calm about everything in my life. I didn’t deal well with stress. I found my self screaming at my boyfriend the other day and it had absolutely nothing to do with him. He frustrated me on one thing and everything boiled over.

On our trip to Barcelona last year, I took days to switch off. Its hard to balance, to have a lie-in without feeling that you are wasting the day, to spend an hour doing nothing, when you think you could be doing more. I have a very busy life: I have a pretty full-on job, plus a fledgling freelance career and a lot if friends that I feel like I never see. Add to that household chores, fitness and basic errands and I don’t see a lot if time for chilling out.

However, in the past six months I have been learning to turn this around. The biggest thing was to put my health first, which kind of made everything fall into place. I have been taking the time to work out, shop for the right foods, get enough sleep and know when to stop. I no longer have an ongoing list of ‘if onlys‘ but rather aore manageable list of ‘to dos‘ where I actually take time management into consideration. As soon as I accepted that I couldn’t do everything as soon as possible, I found it so much easier to switch off in the evenings.

I started with my day job, prioritising tasks each day, focusing on the most important things and accepting that some demands cannot be met. I put all my own blogging, freelance work and social media off for a few months until I felt relaxed each day and then have been slowly reintroducing it since then.

I prioritise fitness and exercise over freelance work and then when I take an evening off, it involves doing absolutely nothing. I love it. And that nagging guilty feeling that you should be doing something else? Gone.

Ah, peace at last.