Week 2: Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide

I’m on Week 2 of Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide 1.0 and I think I’m getting into this! Burpees no longer make me want to cry. I’m working on jumping back with both feet at the same time, which I don’t always do. I also managed two full circuits in 7mins on the Full Body day, which I think is because I’m quite a quick skipper. Normally, I managed about 1.5. Thank god for all those PT sessions last year where he made me skip over and over until I did it without the bounce in between like a 7 year old.

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However, I did start off the week a little under the weather, which meant that I wasn’t really well enough to work out in the beginning. What did this mean? Well, I took a rest day after my 12km run on Sunday of Week 1, woke up ill on Tuesday, which ran through into Wednesday, meaning that on Thursday I had to do Workout 1 and then I was a bit behind for the week, but the following Monday meant that I managed to get in my third workout and could start Week 3 on the Monday, so not all was lost.

Here is how my second week’s workouts went:

Week 2 – Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide
MON – Rest Day
THURS – Workout 1 (Legs)
FRI – Rest Day
SAT – Workout 2 (Arms & Abs)
SUN – Rest Day
MON – Workout 3 (Full Body)

I did go for a few gentle walks on my rest days, but generally didn’t have the best week. However, I am happy that I still adapted my workout week and managed all three HIIT workouts. I can only do better next week with a hiking trip to Ireland to contend with!

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