Book Review: #Girlboss

girlboss book review

Back in January when I was in South Africa, I was dying for an afternoon where I could lay out in the sunshine and read my book, #Girlboss. That came on the men’s golf day, before my spa trip. Score. But I did become so absorbed that I almost got pretty sunburnt after a winter in England!

Sophia Amoruso has started a hashtag wave of girl bosses all over the world. Women entrepreneurs and business owners are standing up and shouting from the rooftops that they are here and ready to be heard. I love it and I love being a #girlboss.

Bad bitches are taking over the world.

What I enjoyed so much about the book was hearing her story. The way that Sophia organically set up online fashion site Nasty Gal is really inspiring. I love that she explains how she taught herself online stuff and then just did it. I didn’t necessarily identify with everything she wrote about. I didn’t struggle with school or with after-school jobs. I had the same one for about 9 years after school and during university holidays. However, I have struggled with trying to get into the media/communications industry in the past, I have struggled with difficult bosses and I recently came to the conclusion that I needed to be my own #girlboss. And it’s going pretty well (Did you read this?).

What I enjoyed reading in the book was how Sophie struggled with big boss decisions and behaviour, like how she really feels when in huge meetings or interviews. It’s real and shows the human side to everyone in business. No one is 100% confident and she just reminds us of that in the book. I love this online wave of women forging their way in the world. It can only serve to inspire more women to do the same!

Despite the book, if I’m honest, dragging a little in the middle, I recommend #Girlboss for a great inspiring read.

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