Hello March!

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How is it March already? Seriously! So much has happened in 2015 so far for me that I think I need a second to sit down and reflect.

I started the year with a pile of work & meetings – which is ALWAYS a good thing! Working for myself has been pretty great. I recently celebrated my 6 month anniversary. Read my thoughts here.

I went to South Africa. There are plenty more posts to come, but this one about my ‘Weekend in Sun City‘ is a good place to start.

Did you miss my ‘Weekend in Dublin’ post last week? There are some pretty pictures for you to check out here.

I bumped into an ex-colleague the other day who was so shocked to see me as a brunette. It’s been this way for months. Read this.

There’s a cool exhibition in London to teach people about Mexico as part of the Year of Mexico in the UK celebrations. Perfect for me as I want to go there this year for a wedding! Read more here.

A lot of you are still loving this recipe for Healthy Shepherd’s Pie (carb-free!)

That’s a mini round-up on early 2015 – I can’t wait for the rest of the year! Bring it on, March!