Christmas Baking Recipes

christmas baking recipes

A few weeks ago, I was invited by Betty Crocker to play with some easy Christmas baking recipes. After bumping into a couple of my baking buddies and making a couple more, we set about making a truly awesome array of Christmas goodies.

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christmas baking recipes

The event was in celebration of the release of their new Betty Crocker Vanilla Icing with Rainbow Sprinkles. The best thing about Betty Crocker is their lack of requirements for skill or ingredients. Mary Berry I am not, but I could be Betty Crocker! It’s so easy to make a cake really quickly, which is great for people on the go or with limited time/ baking skills. Obviously, I can be a bit of a health freak at times and as a result, I NEVER make cakes but this was so easy, I think they would be great options for a Christmas party. (Of course, this way you can ensure you have no leftovers in the house to gobble up for days afterwards! Perfect for the whole ‘check yourself before you wreck yourself‘ mentality.)


christmas baking recipes

Here are the Christmas baking recipes that we knocked up:

Red Velvet & Vanilla Marble Cake
Perfect for Christmas!
Here are the basic steps:

1. Make red velvet mix and set to one side
2. Make vanilla sponge mix & pour in the sprinkles from the Vanilla Icing with Rainbow Sprinkles set. This gives the sponge pretty little flecks. Do not mix too hard because you want the sprinkles to stay intact.
3. Then put a layer of the red velvet mix in a cake tin, followed by a layer of vanilla, followed by a layer of red velvet and so on until the cake tin is full.
4. Grab a pallet knife and start swirling! To make a marble cake, you need to softly start swirling the mixtures. Making a figure of eight is a good start – then you can get creative! Just make sure that the knife goes to the bottom of the cake tin – or your swirl will only be present at the top.
5. Bake the cake according to the instructions and then leave to cool.
6. Decorate as you wish!

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Chocolate Chip Brownie Cookies

This may be one of the most indulgent Christmas baking recipes that I have ever encountered. It’s not actually that Christmassy -other than the fact that you probably would never indulge to this level without having Christmas as an excuse. ┬áIn order to reach the dizzy heights of sugar overload, simply make the cookies according to the packet, bake until soft and chewy, leave to cool and then crumble up and mix into the brownie mix. Bake the brownies until a knife comes out clean, leave to cool and enjoy! We actually ate ours far too quickly to take a photo, but just trust me. Whatever you are imagining – YES.

christmas baking recipes

Christmas Chocolate Cupcakes

1. Make cupcakes according to packet instructions.
2. Decorate like wreaths, trees or with snowflakes if you have a stencil. (I told you that working with Betty Crocker was easy!)

If you want some ideas of what to do with your Vanilla Icing and Rainbow Sprinkles, then why not try this cupcake recipe or this Rainbow Sprinkles Cake recipe.

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Do you have any favourite Christmas baking recipes?

Thank you to Betty Crocker for hosting a super sweet (!) evening.