Setting Health and Fitness Goals

health and fitness goals I was recently invited by Legacy Sportswear to set myself 4 health and fitness-related goals for a month as part of their ‘Leave Your Legacy’ challenge. Health and fitness is obviously something very important to me, so it really was a great excuse to set some simple concrete goals for October. I ran my half marathon at the end of September so I was looking for something else to keep me motivated. #LeaveYourLegacy is just the ticket. Now, I had a couple of things to take into consideration when I did this.  Mainly, the fact that I will be travelling a lot this month so it couldn’t be anything based on taking a class in a specific location and I couldn’t sign up to anything too time-consuming. However, I’m all about a challenge and I’m hoping to prove that you can stay healthy and put yourself first no matter what situation you are in.

Here are the goals I chose:

1. Practise Yoga Once a Week. I love yoga. I always feel a LOT better after practising it and, as a runner, it helps me to stretch out properly. Ideally, I want to do this more than once but with travelling and what-not, I wanted this to be achievable. Nobody likes to set themselves up for failure. That is NOT what leaving a legacy is about! I’ll mainly be doing Body by Bethenny – Bethenny Frankel’s yoga workout dvd, because it’s just amazing. Seriously, try it.

2. Try Out One New Juicing Recipe a Week. I’ve really got into juicing recently, but I’ve also got into a bit of a juicing rut. I love carrot and ginger juice – it’s easy and it’s quick. I’m hoping that this will get me thinking outside the box and learning more about juicing. If you do have any recipes, please let me know in the comments below! You’ll also find a couple here in my previous juicing post.

3. Complete a 4week HIIT Programme. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, but with my half marathon training and various other things, I have put it off. Until now. What started as a simple Instagram account has become an awesome business for Sophie Gray. If you don’t follow Way of Gray on Instagram, I suggest you do now. Her website is here too by the way. I’ll be hoping to complete her HIIT 101 workout before the end of October. You can do it anywhere, which is perfect for someone on the go like me!

4. Visit a Farmer’s Market Once a Week. Summer is gone and it’s time to start forcing yourself to eat more veggies instead of reaching for the carbs. I have a lot more time these days to dedicate to cooking, exploring recipes and looking after my health. I would LOVE to be able to get out and explore some farmer’s markets this month. I’m hoping to hit up my local one in West Hampstead, London as well as one in Bath, Marrakesh and Dublin. How much fun does that sound? It will also help me to find some ingredients for my juicing recipes.

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You can also search for the hashtag #LeaveYourLegacy.

Legacy Sportswear women blogger Care to join me on this? These are my October goals, but why not just go ahead and start today? Set yourself 4 goals, tell me what they are below and keep everyone updated on your progress using the #LeaveYourLegacy hashtag on Instagram and Twitter.

Oh, and if you need more motivation you can get 30% off Legacy Sportswear simply by using the discount code ‘STEFANIEGRACE30’ when you check out. Please go and look at their stuff. I am so impressed with my leggings and workout top sent to me by Legacy. They are so comfortable and fit really well, which meant that I couldn’t wait to complete my first yoga session of the month yesterday! (P.S. The packaging is something to behold too!)

How are you going to #LeaveYourLegacy?