Review: ilumi – gluten, nut and dairy free food

ilumi food review

I am not a fan of processed or packaged meals, I’ll be honest. But when I was offered the chance to review ilumi, a new gluten, nut and dairy free brand, I figured it was worth a try. Plus, this video below changed my mind – there are no unnatural ingredients in ilumi, so you can rest assured that this isn’t your average ‘ready meal’. They aren’t recreating meals with gluten and dairy substitutes. They’re just creating gluten, nut and dairy free food and sending it to your house!



I was sent three menus to choose from to have a meal for two: Gastropub, Mediterranean or Asian. Decisions, decisions. We plumped for Asian in the end and received a huge box of goodies a couple of weeks later. First impressions? My skepticism returned to be honest, but how can you blame me when sent a ‘healthy’ meal option in a pouch that does not need to be refrigerated (despite containing meat) and can sit in your cupboard for up to year before being microwaved in two minutes flat and served? As someone who loves to eat fresh ingredients every day, I was not so sure. However, I was determined to give it a go and so served up a few of the meals in a tasting session with my boyfriend.

Appearance-wise, the packaging is fun and bright. The branding is fresh and modern and I was pretty impressed. The food itself is all the same colour, but that’s pretty much standard for Asian cuisine so I chose to make no judgement there. It looks like good homemade fare once you get it on to a plate.

Easy to Prepare? Oh hell, yes! You just snip open the packet, heat the food in a pan or in the microwave and serve. Super easy.

As soon as I started preparing the food, the smells hit me. And they were good. I love those Asian kitchen aromas and I couldn’t wait to try it. And when I did, I wasn’t disappointed. It was full of flavour and I did enjoy the first few tastes. But after a while, I got a bit bored. I liked it all, don’t get me wrong, but I didn’t find it life-altering. Apart from the Tom Kha Gai (Thai Chicken Soup) which was actually amazing. I could barely stop eating it from the pan as I was heating it up!

Price-wise, ilumi is amazingly positioned. You can get weekly food packages sent to you for as little as £44.99, which considering the cost of a weekly shop of gluten-free products, I think that’s pretty good. You can also buy individual items. My favourite Tom Kha Gai soup is just £1.90!

If you have a gluten, nut or dairy intolerance, I can absolutely see why these meals would be life-altering, because this was one of the easiest meals that I have ever prepared and I could pronounce every ingredient on the packaging – which makes a big difference. You don’t lose out on taste and you are not eating ‘substitute’ ingredients, which is a win in my book.

Thank you to ilumi for sending over the products for me to try!

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