How many crunches can you do in a minute?

How many crunches can you do in a minute?

I am proud to announce that I am hosting Spogo’s #1PercentMore Challenge this week. are encouraging people to get up and do just 1% more activity each day (That’s just 15mins!).

Why? Because as a nation we have stopped moving:

  • Nearly two thirds of UK adults risk their health through insufficient exercise
  • A University of Bristol-led study found 80% of adults in England failed to meet the government target of taking moderate exercise 12 times in a four-week period
  • If the whole nation was just 1% more active we could save the NHS £1.2 billion within five years

Spogo 1 percent more challenge

In order to raise awareness of this growing problem in the UK, Spogo are working with bloggers and fitness institutions to challenge people to get moving. So this week, I am challenging you to crunch those abs! How many crunches can you do in a minute? I managed 37. And I’m going to do it every day to see if I can better that! Follow me on Twitter to see how that goes.

Want to check how to do a crunch? Watch this video:

Let me know how you do on Twitter, Facebook or in the comments below!