Introjuicing with Curry’s!

Currys Introjuicing blogging event

About a month ago, I popped along to a fun blogger event with Curry’s to find out more about the wonderful world of juicing. With juice cleanses and detoxes hitting the headlines in abundance over the past couple of years, Curry’s invited Derry from Urban Kings Gym along to dispel a few myths.

Myths such as juicing alone is not such a good idea! Despite the trends in juice detoxing, your body is not made to survive on juice alone and it actually makes a lot more sense to just include juice in your daily routine. Another thing to note would be to include mainly vegetables in your juicing recipes and just one or two pieces of fruit, in order to keep your sugar levels down.

Currys Introjuicing Event

The magical juicing lesson was followed by 45 bloggers all vying for the best beetroot/celery/orange/carrot to make our own super juice on a brand spanking new Philips juicer. There was quite a queue for this one in particular! Some were more skilled than others in the juicing stakes – mine was somewhat chewy as I definitely needed to add a little less fibre I feel…

I won’t bother explaining my fail of a juice, but here are a few juicing recipes for you to try out:

Tropical Cocktail
½ beetroot
2 carrots
1 stalk celery
½ cucumber
1 inch ginger
1 handful parsley
2 rounds pineapple

Derry’s Berry Mix
1 apple
10 blueberries
10 strawberries
8 raspberries
½ cup yoghurt

Ginger Cleanse
1 apple
2 carrots
1 stalk celery
1 inch ginger

Maybe I should have paid more attention to the following great basic juicing tips in order to improve my juice:

1. Apples, pears, berries, leaves and carrots can be put in the feeding tube without any prior preparation, although you do need to remove the stones, stalks and peel from other fruits  – Hmm, *note to self*…!

2. Always switch the juicer on before adding the ingredients, and make sure to only add ingredients into the feeding tube one at a time!

Urban Kings Gym London

After the juicing lesson, Derry took us all down to Urban Kings for an intense HIIT body conditioning session, where teams of bloggers faced off against each other in a series of circuits. It was actually an amazing all over body workout that allowed everyone to pull together as a team of sweaty-faced bloggers whilst at the same time encouraging people to work at their own pace. I really enjoyed it!

Thank you so much to Curry’s and Urban Kings for a great evening!

Plus, thanks to Philips who later sent me a fabulous juicer and a blender to practice my skills!

Do you have any great juice or smoothie recipes to recommend to me?