A boat on Lake Malawi

sunrise on lake malawi

On the last day of a recent work trip with Walkabout Foundation to Malawi, we decided to wake up super early and catch the break of dawn with a little boat ride on Lake Malawi to check out the scenery in the little time we had in our stopover at Njaya Lodge.

We were talked into the trip by Dixon, a lively character who has worked at the lodge for more than 20 years and somewhere along the way was nicknamed ‘lovely Jubbly’ by a tipsy Geordie and seemingly the moniker has stuck. For 20,000 Kwacha (about £30), four of us went out at 6am on a local fisherman’s boat to visit nearby coves as well as Fish Eagle where, as the name suggests, you throw fish to tempt an eagle to fly over you. It’s pretty spectacular watching them swoop over you.
Lake Malawi Eagle

The lake itself is really peaceful and each morning every cove seems to fill with women doing morning chores, kids playing and men baiting up their boats for the day.

Lake Malawi boat ride

I travel so much with my job, it’s nice to get a bit of time to enjoy the life of the country. I hadn’t really noticed the tourism in Malawi, until we got to the Lake. There are a lot of activities to do. A boat trip is definitely recommended!