Vonage: From Blog to Business Workshop

vonage blogger workshop

I love getting together with other bloggers. It’s actually a huge community, even just in London alone and at every event that I go to, I meet new people with great blogs I’ve never heard of.

The other great thing is that you can swap tips with everyone, from the new kids on the block to those who have been around for a while. I’ve been in and out of this community for quite a few years now and as a result, I have a lot of longstanding knowledge but often have missed things along the way from when I was travelling or busy with life.

So when Vonage announced that they were hosting a blogging workshop entitled ‘From Blog to Business’ presented by the fabulous Emma Cossey of Freelance Lifestyle¬†and Elizabeth Sellers¬†of Rosalilium, I was excited to go along and meet them and pick up a few gems of wisdom from those who have managed to turn blogging into a full-time job.

We covered a variety of topics from legal issues and image rights to content calendars and fee pricing. I especially found the diversification section the most fun – how to turn your blog into a book, a podcast or an e-course. It’s funny how years in the ‘business’ makes you an expert on some level. There will always be people with less knowledge than you willing to pay to learn what you know!

The workshop was great and it really reignited my passion for blogging and blogpost topics. In fact, it must have been in the back of my mind for a while as I have actually decided to go freelance again, as a social media manager and copywriter. So, please do look out for more frequent blog posts coming soon!

About Vonage UK
Vonage is a brilliantly affordable way to add a landline number to your business card, giving you a dedicated second phone line with unlimited UK calls and international calls from 0p a minute! We also liked the fact that you can extend the service using an app on your mobile phone.

To find out more about the workshop, search #vonageworkshop online.