Creperie Fleur du Sel: Menton, France



‘These are the best crepes that I have ever had!’

These are the words of my boyfriend who couldn’t believe how beautifully presented the savoury crepes were with their perfect eggs in the middle. We visited this restaurant after noticing it was No1 on TripAdvisor, as well as how busy it was.


We had originally intended on simply sharing one savoury galette and one sweet crepe, but when we saw other people’s food, we couldn’t help but order more! We ate at 9.30pm on a Saturday night (we made the booking at 9pm) and ordered the ‘forestiere‘, the ‘provencale‘ and the house special – the ‘mentonnaise‘ dessert crepe made with homemade local lemon sauce, meringue and chantilly. Lemons are a speciality of the area, so make sure that you do not miss that! We also loved ordering a bottle of cider with the crepes, served out of tea cups to mirror the wide-open bowls traditionally used to drink cider in France. The price was also very reasonable, which made it even tastier.

Now all I have to do is work out how to make these babies at home!


P.S. This review also appeared on TripAdvisor.