Bootcamp on the Heath with Spogo and BMF


When invited to try out a fitness class, I usually say yes. When you tell me it’s practically on my doorstep, I’ll definitely say yes. Which means that when you tell me I’ll be jogging alongside an Olympic athlete, I’ll probably already be there waiting for you.

A couple of weeks ago, I attended a British Military Fitness bootcamp on Hampstead Heath in association with Spogo. Spogo is a new initiative designed to get people up and moving. Their ambassador is Olympic sprinter Iwan Thomas. Check out the video below (and Iwan dragging me up a hill!)

It was an awful, dreary day with terrible drizzly rain. Not what you need for running around a park with a guy in army gear¬†barking orders at you. And when he tells you to sit in the mud in your favourite workout clothes, that’s not what you need either. But you do it anyway. I did. And I loved it!


Each bootcamp class lasts around 45mins. There are various locations around London and beyond. Hampstead Heath is my nearest – although Hyde Park is near my office, so I definitely have options. Plus, BMF just launched a variety of Saturday morning classes, meaning that even if a class isn’t on your doorstep after work, you can still go along at the weekend and give it a go!

Thank you so much to Spogo and to BMF for a fun, drizzly evening!

Read more about the evening on the BMF blog here and on Spogo here.