Such a fun weekend!


I had such a fun weekend last weekend! Friday night, I had drinks and chats with a colleague before rushing home to find my friends at mine for a catch up!


Saturday was a chilled day. I went for a jog on Hampstead Heath and then I met my boyfriend and his sister at the farmers market. He had just got back from a week away with work and she was staying with us for the weekend. We bought some ingredients for a Sunday BBQ and then headed down to Little Italy for a quiet lunch and a catch up. Saturday evening was a quiet one meaning that Sunday, we were ready to run!


We caught the tube to Regents Park and started a casual 5k around the perimeter. I have been battling with speed recently – in that I don’t have it! – so I decided to run alongside Dyanne, Rob’s speedy sister, which helped me find a comfortable pace and a 5k PB, which in turn helped me with a 10k PB – I just couldn’t stop going! Very odd. But very proud. I got my 5k under 30mins and my 10k under an hour, all in one run and I was thrilled.


I was also tired, so the next thing we did was sit in the sun with a juice before heading back to light up the BBQ and create some fabulous champagne cocktails. Another friend also joined us for dinner and a catch up before we curled up for an early night and a good sleep.


Monday was all about organising my house and my blog and catching up on all if those niggling admin tasks. I also did about 6 loads of laundry. Rock n Roll. I enjoyed it though. Sometimes you need a day like that!

All in all a fabulous weekend!

What did you all get up to?