Whatever’s Comfortable with Southern Comfort


When invited on a nice sunny day to enjoy some refreshing cocktails after work on day, it’s pretty hard to say no. When that day is a Monday following an illness over the weekend and with a heavy work week looming, you probably should say no. I did not say no.


Southern Comfort have just relaunched southerncomfort.com with a brand new online cocktail recipe designer where you can essentially ‘win a mug of your mug’ for their new Go Drink Yourself campaign. Intrigued? The idea is that you design your own cocktail using the online app, upload it for all to see and then 10 lucky winners will win a mug of their own face. Hilarious, I know.

I popped along on Monday night to one of their launch nights, a Blogger Cocktail Class. We heard a little history of where SoCo originated whilst sipping our own SoCo and lemonades before embarking on our own inventions behind the bar. Did you know that SoCo was invented by an Irish barman in New Orleans? Martin Wilkes Heron created it when he found that a lot of his customers were looking for something a little smoother than whiskey. What I found really interesting was the ingenious move to name a cocktail the Scarlett O’Hara when ‘Gone with the Wind’ came out. It was one of the first movie/drink collaborations.


When we got behind the bar, I was intrigued to see if you could mix Southern Comfort with a salty margarita style and so set about that, much to the dismay of the mixologist there to help us. I named my cocktails Jam Jar del Sur and uploaded it to the website, though I’m pretty sure I missed a couple of ingredients!


All in all, it was a fun night involving a cocktail quiz and prizes (I didn’t win) and a fun group of people.

Why not try uploading your recipe to the website?

Visit southerncomfort.com for more information. #whateverscomfortable

Thank you to Southern Comfort for the invitation!