Booking a Villa Holiday in Corsica

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In recent years villa holidays have soared in popularity and many holidaymakers are flocking to Corsica. Often referred to as ‘self-catering’, the practice of ‘villa holiday’ involves homeowners in the respective destination hiring out their home during the busy tourism season. On the one hand, holidaymakers benefit from luxurious accommodation in areas that often feature few ‘commercial’ accommodations, while on the other hand, local landlords benefit from extra revenue.

Whether your destination of choice is Corsica or any other place, there are clear advantages of residing in private accommodation vs. more commercial accommodation from extra privacy to an ability to cater for your own needs. The fact that the property often serves as someone’s home during the off season means that it is fully capable to cater for your party’s needs in comfort and style.

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Why Corsica? 

Corsica is situated off the French south coast and benefits from an average of 157 sunny days a year. Its mild weather for long parts of the year allows Britons to escape the beginning of winter even in September and October times. It is in fact an island with close to 700 miles of coastline meaning that luxury villas in Corsica often feature seaside views and in many cases easy access to the sea. Popular activities include swimming, sunbathing, water sports and hiking. In the evenings, the streets of the old towns and villages come to life with music and entertainment.

Finding a Villa Holiday 

Holidaymakers have two ways to find a local property to rent. One option is to use a travel agent type of service that acts as the middleman between yourself and the landlord. Such companies often have a wide choice of luxury villas in Corsica so you can easily and quickly compare options, prices and spec. Another popular option is to source a suitable villa directly from the owner. You can ask friends or family members who might be willing to recommend a suitable option or use many of the internet forms and web boards in which landlords frequently advertise their property. Note that the language spoken in Corsica is mostly French so by taking the private route, mastering the French language is needed.

What To Look For

Regardless of your preferred route, there are a few issues to pay attention to. These will make your holiday more enjoyable.

Contents Insurance – You should carefully evaluate whether the villa comes with contents insurance. Often such holiday homes are high spec properties and accidental damage will have to be repaired at someone’s expense.  Ensure that you have valid travel insurance and that the policy includes ‘contents’ level. MoneySavingExpert is a good source to find a cheap policy for the duration of your trip.

Villas vs. Cottages – There are very slight differences between the two. Villas are often newer properties that may feature two or three floors, while cottages are more traditionally shaped houses, featuring one floor.  You should evaluate both options, as often after years of entertaining guests, both will feature equal spec.

Speaking About Spec – Don’t assume that every holiday villa includes the same spec. Do your homework and compare your options. Naturally, the basics will be included from a fully working kitchen to beds complete with linen and bedclothes. However, a private pool, WiFi, air conditioning, a jacuzzi, a sauna and a long list of more luxurious features will vary from villa to villa so some research is required on your end to ensure complete satisfaction.

Enjoy your holiday!

Information by Affair Travel for the Stefanie Grace.