Why do I write?

Writing is cheapest form of therapy

Why do I write?

Do I write for me?

Do I write for my readers?

Do I write for money?

Do I write for the people around me?

I guess the answer is that I write for me. So I have no idea why I feel bad when I don’t have time to get a blog written up or published. When I really feel the need to write something but don’t think that I can or should publish it, then I usually do not write it. This may be because it is too personal and there are people in my life that I do not want to read about it.

For example, I don’t want to publish work about sex because my mother will read it. I don’t write about my last relationship because I don’t want my ex or his family to think that I am publishing private things online. I don’t want to write about my current relationship because my ex or his ex or mutual friends will know about my personal life. I don’t write about my parents’ divorce because I don’t think my parents would want me to. It’s not the reader in Chicago or Australia that I worry about – it’s the person down the road or the nosy Facebook friend. However, I have come to realise that practice makes perfect and that I have to write from the heart.

I do not have to publish every single thing that I write. I write because I enjoy it. Maybe something will come out of these things that I write unpublished, but I feel that in the meantime I should just write because I want to.

So you might not get to read all about my personal life on this blog but you will get a slice of my life and interests and I will still always be open and honest, because that is just the person that I am. An over-sharer – isn’t that why we bloggers get into this game anyway?!