Huge Poles at The Ring, Southwark, London

On the last day of my last job, I had one final thing to accomplish. I had never been to The Ring at Southwark for their famous hot dogs, aptly titled ‘Huge Pole’ and ‘Big Dog’. You can imagine the titters amongst the group.

Hot Dogs The Ring Southwark

We went and tried and enjoyed. The hot dogs are pretty big, so we shared the sides between two mostly. The pub isn’t super exciting, but I’d definitely recommend going again for the hot dogs. They are just as you would expect in the States (American readers, feel free to weigh in on the debate here – but go and try them first!)

Hot Dogs The Ring Southwark

Oh, and here are some hilarious pictures of me and my huge pole. *snigger*

The Ring, Southwark

72 Blackfriars Road
Tel: 020 7620 0811
Mon–Wed 11am–11pm
Thur–Sat 11am–midnight
Sun 11am–10.30pm

@theringbar on Twitter.