Frida Pizzeria, Palermo Sicily


I’m a big fan of Trip Advisor when on holiday (although I never actually post things myself, but I really should), I think it’s the perfect site for delving in and finding great places to go and things to do with the backing of a whole group of people.


Frida Pizzeria was one such find. On our first night in Palermo, we wanted somewhere quiet with great pizza. We found it here- and we would never have discovered this little gem without Trip Advisor because it was situated down the road away from the big restaurants and in a small, more residential courtyard. We arrived just in time to secure the last table on the terrace, ordered a bottle of wine according to what the local couple next to us were sipping (always look out for these helpful clues!) and took in the extensive menu.

I ordered an absolutely amazing white-based Antonio pizza with rocket and all kinds of amazing cheese and sausage toppings. He opted for Capricciosa (on my advice) and it wasn’t quite as good… his loss. Although, not really cos they were huge and he managed to ‘taste’ enough of mine to be satisfied.


Frida takes its name from legendary Mexican artist Frida Kahlo and her work is reflected in the decor of the establishment. They also boast pizzas in the shape of her most famous paintings and try to recreate them with the toppings! They looked yummy. I didn’t try one, but if the others are enough to go by, then they’re probably amazing too.

Piazza Sant’Onofrio, 37,
+39 091 550 5440
Check out their website:
They are on Facebook too!

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, Frida Pizzeria is #26 out of 713 restaurants in Palermo on Trip Advisor. See here.