San Vito lo Capo, Sicily, Italy

beach san vito lo capo sicily

In between my two jobs, I took a little trip to Italy for six days. We spent three nights and four days in Sicily, staying in Palermo but with a car to explore all of the surrounding areas before heading to Rome for two days.

On our first full day in Sicily (the previous day had been spent napping and getting lost in random backstreet markets), we got in the car and headed for San Vito lo Capo. I had heard many wondrous things about this place from friends and online and was pretty excited to go and check it out for myself.

The drive was about two hours and absolutely stunning. The thing about driving on an island between coastal towns is that you spend most of the time on the coast with some pretty amazing views. We got to San Vito around 12, found parking relatively easily (and cheaply) and headed for a drink before hitting the beach.

bikini shot san vito lo capo sicily

San Vito is a small touristic beach town in the province of Trapani. The beach is long and thin and full of chairs and parasols and overlooked by a big rock jutting out to sea. It’s really pretty. After months of freezing weather in the UK, it was so lovely to get my (albeit very white) legs out and feel the sun and sea breeze on my face. We bought a beach bat and ball, read a little, dipped our toes in the water (nearly as cold as a British winter…) and just generally enjoyed ourselves before wandering around the front part of the town looking at restaurants and little shops. We finally decided to just get a coffee and a crepe from one of the simple beach bars on the front – Nutella overload, but make sure you add gelato – before heading back to the city for a shower before dinner.

little street in San Vito lo Capo

It was a lovely day, I really recommend the town as a fun day trip if you are ever around Palermo.