New Beginnings

I mentioned in my last post that May was a big turning point for me. That’s because at the end of April, I accepted a new job and handed in my notice for my old one. A position that I had not been happy in for a long time.

goodbye card keep calm and party on

On Monday I start a new job and I’m excited and ready for this month to be one of the best yet. Plus, I’m finally on top of my blogging schedule. (Hope you guys have noticed. ;))

It is also my birthday month. I’ve never really looked forward to 26, yet it’s happening to me on Thursday, so I’d better get ready. To me, it’s a bit too grown up and boring. However, I always expected 25 to be big for me, but I could never have predicted how much my life has changed since my last birthday. I’m starting a new job, I’m in a new relationship and I have tons of friends in London and across the world who really care and want to spend time with me and I’m just happier than I have been in a very long time. That is an amazing thing for me to say.

neon yellow and gray nike running shoes

I have also taken a turn for the better in terms of fitness. I’ve got a whole new kit and have signed up to Get Yummy Fitness for the end of the month for a month-long boot camp kick start. However in the meantime, I have been running and doing yoga and the aforementioned fat-burning Pilates on YouTube. I feel strong and free and happy.

Plus, the sun is out. And that always helps.

Enjoy your month guys!