Transatlantic WiFi on American Airlines


If there’s one thing I look for above anything else on a flight, it’s leg room and the new American Airlines Boeing 777 has that in bucket loads. The photo above shows my normal economy seat on my flight from London Heathrow to Dallas, Texas (flight AA51) for my friends’ wedding at the beginning of May. At 5’10”, getting a seat like this was a real luxury.

The second thing I like to check for is good entertainment. American Airlines did well there too. The new planes have in-flight transatlantic wifi and a whole host of films, including relatively new releases. Did I watch many movies or did I spend 5 hours on Facebook chatting to people about how awesome it was to have wifi on this flight? It’s obvious, isn’t it?!

The new flights also include more alcoholic drinks. Always a plus. I don’t personally like to drink on planes because it dehydrates me, but for those who enjoy a glass of wine with their dinner, they no longer have to charge $5 to their credit cards for the pleasure.

It was a really good flight, just what I was looking for when I  was faced with a 9 hour journey.