Eurovision 2013 Party

continental cheese board for a party

Eurovision Party food

There is a rather huge tradition amongst language students, girls and gays alike to get together and celebrate the awesome cheese-fest that is The Eurovision Song Contest. For my non-European readers out there, Eurovision is a huge singing and entertainment extravanganza where countries compete to be the host of the following year’s show.

Eurovision party with flags

Bonnie Tyler Eurovision 2013

This year it was in Sweden (hence the meatballs at our viewing party) and next year Denmark will take it, as they won on Saturday. The UK are notoriously bad at this – the voting tends to be political and we don’t have a lot of European friends and neighbours. However, if you fancy a camp evening watching some crazy Europop and insane costumes, then this is for you.

swedish meatballs with flag

I went round to my best friend’s house to drink some wine, eat some cheese and watch some crazy pop. It was a a lot of fun. Next year I’m hoping to expand it and have someone representing every country. That would be immense!