My New Wonder Cream


When a pile of Sudocrem samples landed on my desk, I was pretty unsure of what to do with them. I briefly contemplated passing them on to my friend for her baby’s nappy (diaper) rashes, as to me (and I’m sure to many) that seemed to be the only feasible use for the cream. I tried it out as a hand cream, as the handy tube was great for chucking in my bag on a Saturday afternoon on my way to the shopping centre. However, I actually thought that it was a watered-down ‘hand cream version’ of Sudocrem and much to my surprise found myself covered in thick white cream on the bus and smelling a bit like talcum powder and baby changing facilities. However, by the end of my 10minute bus journey, my hands were the softest that they had been in a long time. I gave one of the tubes to my friend the next day and she agreed.

So, what next? Cut to a few weeks later and I am in the office complaining about a recent hormonal break out on my chin. I can’t cover it, it’s been around for weeks now and cannot possibly be stress-related as I am pretty calm these days compared to a few months ago. It even stubbornly stuck around during my 14 day cleanse, which throughly annoyed me. My colleague, Kelli, turns to me and just casually say,s in her soft northern Ireland lilt, ‘You should use Sudocrem. Works like a charm for me.’

Interesting. So I found the tube in the bottom of my bag and lathered it on my chin and left it to sink in. After 30mins, I saw a marked improvement. At the very least, the redness had gone down. I then spent the weekend piling it on, going to bed looking like a clown (much to the amusement/total horror of my boyfriend) and applying a thin layer to my chin in the morning with my day cream before make up. A week later and my chin is almost clear. It’s not a quick fix but it does do exactly what it says on the tin. It’s an old favourite. And Kelli was right – it does work like a charm. She uses it for sunburn as well as other skin irritations. It works great as a replacement moisturiser. And on one sleep-deprived day I even piled it under my eyes as a kind of concealer as it does leave your skin a bit whiter as it sinks in (I don’t think this is expert-recommended however). In short, it has become a stalwart of my cosmetics case.

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P.S. You can still win an iPad Mini from Sudocrem  – competition info is here!